Sunday, 23 November 2014

An Englishman's Home

"It showed a tidy, porticoed, small terrace house with a large white van nosing up to the front door, and the upstairs windows shrouded with England flags."
"We couldn’t help comparing the £200,000, modest, terrace house in Kent owned by maintenance worker Daniel Ware with Thornberry’s stately, four-storey, Georgian semi-detached home in Islington," - Rachel Johnson (Daily Mail).

So we're still on the subject of white van man's home in Strood. A "small", "modest" terrace house. Except, how small is it? It looks like a decent sized family home to me. Has Rachel ever seen black and white clips of small terraces? They still exist, as do small new builds. Builders like building small, they can get more money that way.

And "modest"? With those big fuck off columns? Do us a favour! Your typical working class snob wouldn't be seen dead going into a house like that!

Of course it wouldn't be the Mail without mention of the property's value. Strood is one of Kent's most "affordable" towns with its property prices lower than the national average. Except the national average is unaffordable for most people. £200k is silly money, Rachel. Obscene.

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