Friday, 21 November 2014

Ms Knight and Mr Rochester

"Class contempt *in either direction* is the pits. Find other things to sneer at. Also, evolve." - India Knight (Twitter).
India, referrring to Labour MP Emily Thornberry's tweeted picture of a white van outside a house festooned with English flags. The context is the Rochester by-election won by those right-wing Tories, Ukip.
By using the generalisation "class contempt", India is sticking the whole of the working class in the nationalist pot. The contempt is in one or the other direction. Either from the middle class professional such as Thornberry to the working class such as white van English nationalist. And, I suppose, from white van English nationalists to middle class professionals. That kind of contempt, in either direction, not including the upper class because they are exempt, is "the pits".
Except, was it contempt? Maybe it was frustration that Ukip, a right-wing Tory party, were to win an election in a working class area in the midst of an unpopular Tory parliament. Of course, there are a lot of working class Tories about, especially in the south-east. It is the land of the self-made loudmouthed man.
The tweet did not display "class contempt". There was no contempt in it. It was showing nothing but a symbol of racial intolerance. English, born and bred. Proud of the country, proud of the flag. Send them home. They do not belong. There are too many of them. One day we'll wake up and we'll be living in a Muslim country.
So "evolve". Maybe one day you could be like India.

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