Thursday, 20 November 2014

I Love The BBC

"Meanwhile, let's put the licence fee in perspective. It is £145.50 a year. That's 40p a day. Not 40p per person but 40p per household. How can that be considered onerous?
My Sky package costs me the best part of £145 every couple of months. I'm not complaining about that. It is my choice to pay for Sky while, of course, I am obliged to pay for the BBC.
I do so in the knowledge that the corporation offers a range of TV and radio channels to suit every taste, thereby fulfilling its remit to serve the entire population..." - Roy Greenslade (Evening Standard).

So 40p a day for the BBC, £2.38 for Sky. How many hours viewing/listening? We probably watch an average of three BBC programmes a week, 93p a programme. Sky, we watch one a week. Roy's figures make this £16.66 a programme. Netflix, two a week, 68p a programme. We don't watch anything live so adverts are not an issue. We do not listen to BBC radio.

So this week:-

Top of the Pops 1979: 93p
The Fall (episode 2): 93p
Kenny Rogers: Cards on the Table: 93p

Would we pay 93p for any of these? Would others with our tastes with little income pay 93p for any of these? Are any of them Netflix quality? Do we get value for money?

But the BBC is serving "the entire population". Yes, that's everybody. Including people who watch and listen to absolutely no BBC programmes, paying for the entertainment of others.

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